Purchased by current owners Meghann & Pat in 2011, the Trailside Music Cafe & Inn is an intimate gathering place where musicians feel at home, and where the audience are left awestruck.


It all came together the night Pat took his girlfriend at the time to see Dave Gunning’s performance in Spring 2010 at what was then called Trailside Inn, Café & Adventures. His date, an Islander by choice was extremely interested in seeing the place, a recently listed business for sale.

Pat & Meghann, long time music lovers, were blown away with the intimacy and the magic of the whole experience. “An extremely warm atmosphere, tucked away in the country”,… they remember clinging to every note Gunning played that night, along with the rest of the fifty + guests.

Pat has played and watched live performances all over the land, near and far. From Baba’s Lounge, to the Horseshoe Tavern, to the Paradiso in Amsterdam, Pat understands what it takes to please both the audience and the musician.

For his companion on that fateful night, Meghann dreamed about the potential in restoring and renovating the beautiful old inn and café.

A mere six months later the date became a marriage and their dreams became reality as they signed on together as owners of what they now call the The Trailside Music Café and Inn.

Their vision for the future of the Trailside is the same magical equation that they experienced that first night, an intimate gathering place where musicians feel at home, and where the audience are left awestruck.


The building was originally built by community residents in 1937 to house the first cooperative store on Prince Edward Island. Known by local residents as “The Coop”, it operated as a general store, saw mill and potato warehouse until the 1970s. In 1996, Doug Deacon and his family took over the place and made the badly needed repairs. The Deacon family successfully restored the place into an Inn, café, and bicycling rental shop until 2011.

Nearby is the Hillsborough River, designated a Canadian Heritage River in 1997. This river was a very important resource for the Mi’kmaw people and was the main transportation route for transportation route for the Europeans who came to settle the Island.


Pat & Meghann standing in front of Trailside

Trailside Music Café & Inn